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Student's T-test (with visualisation)

Student's T-test (with visualisation) icon Test a null hypothesis involving the means of two populations by performing a Student's T-test.


The t-test is any statistical hypothesis test in which the test statistic follows a Student's t-distribution under the null hypothesis. Compute a t-test by selecting a numerical test variable and a categorical grouping variable. The null hypothesis can be configured using the other parameters, for example you can choose between a one sided or two sided test and change the difference in means expected in the null hypothesis.


The first section of the output is the printed output of a t.test run in R. There are more details on this printed output in the R documentation for t.test. The output also includes a plot comparing the densities and means of the selected groups.


Variable name Required Constraints Description
test_var Yes Column Input. Integer, Decimal Numerical variable upon which the t.test will be run against.
group_var Yes Column Input. Text, Integer, Boolean, DateTime, Date Categorical variable upon which grouping will occur.
mu Yes Decimal Value of which to compare the sample mean.
alternative Yes Text selector.  Default to two-sided. Select from a greater, less or two-sided t-test.
paired Yes Boolean Toggle between computing a paired t-test or not.
confidence_level Yes Decimal. Ranging from 0.5 to 0.99. Default to 0.95. Set your t-test confidence interval.

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Updated on December 1, 2020

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