The Aridhia Trusted Research Environment (TRE)

The Aridhia TRE is a trusted research environment, one of many managed service offerings from Aridhia.


Throughout this Knowledge Base you may see references to some of our other services. Not all of them will be available to those on a TRE subscription. The Knowledge Base support articles are broadly separated into the two main components of the Aridhia Digital Research Environment (DRE). These are:

  • FAIR Data Services
  • Workspaces.

You can think of Workspaces as Aridhia’s TRE service, so all relevant help can be found in that collection of articles.

It's important to note, there are some key differences between Workspaces on the DRE and the Aridhia TRE. These include where it is hosted, workspace/user numbers, data volumes, etc. You can see some of these summarised in the TRE vs DRE comparison table below.


Articles in the FAIR Data Services collection can be disregarded, as these will have little significance to your support needs.

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Other Tools and Features

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TRE Administration

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