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Release Notes for Aridhia De-Identification Service

Aridhia De-Identification Service version:



The 1.3 version of the Aridhia De-identification Service focusses on delivering performance, usability and deployment enhancements. Specifically, this includes: 

  • Improved performance of the de-identification process by up to 20 times. 
  • A new user interface for the re-identification process that includes optional login via Microsoft Azure Single Sign On (SSO).  
  • An updated REST API for de-identification and re-identification. 
  • A new containerised deployment approach to facilitate easily and quicker releases. 

Released Features

Type  Feature   Description  Reference 
Improvement  Improve the processing time of de-identification.  Previously, the de-identification server would receive multiple items to de-identify but process these sequentially, including encryption and digest-generation operations.  This operation has been parallelised allowing identifiers to be de-identified concurrently with a speed up of up to 20 times. This improvement will also reduce the likelihood of experiencing any timeout errors.  XAP-9048
Enhancement  New user interface for re-identification  The previous user interface for re-identification was outdated and did not offer a similar user experience to our Aridhia WorkspaceThe new user interface has been developed to address these downfalls and improve the usability of existing functionality such as user management, re-identification, and viewing and exporting results. Note that downloading re-identified data in a PDF format has been removed from this release.  XAP-9550
Enhancement  Improve user interface login and API Authentication  Login to the user interface is now possible via Microsoft Azure SSO. This also allows users to seamlessly switch between other Azure SSO-enabled Aridhia service user interfaces. Note that the existing role-based access policies are unaffected by this improvement. While API authentication does not currently support Azure SSO, it does now allow for user credentials to be exchanged for short-life tokens as opposed to sending username and password information along with each request.  XAP-5964
Improvement  Updated REST API  The updated REST API still allows the same operations to be executed but supports improved authentication (e.g. Azure), JSON response output and enhanced error reporting.  XAP-9646
Enhancement  Containerisation of the De-identification Service  In order to facilitate easier and quicker releases and ensure the service utilises the most up-to-date technologies, we have containerised our application and user interface.  XAP-9752 / XAP-9755