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Release Notes for Aridhia Dataset Library

Aridhia Dataset Library version:



The 1.1 version of the Aridhia Dataset Library primarily focuses on delivering deployment enhancements and various key bug fixes. Specifically, this includes:

  • Bug fixes to prevent the service crashing when user input is not as expected.
  • Bug fixes to direct users to the correct Aridhia Service Desk contact details.
  • Improving CSV export functionality.
  • A security fix regarding the possible use of previously revoked API tokens.
  • A new containerised deployment approach to facilitate easier and quicker releases.

Released Features

Status Feature Description Reference
Bug Fix Service crashes when data uploaded with unexpected ‘version’ format. When a dataset definition upload either does not contain a ‘version’ or is in an unexpected format, the service will no longer crash. A version field or a specific version format is no longer required. XAP-8900
Bug Fix Introduced mandatory fields when uploading data. Previously, when a dataset definition upload did not contain a ‘name’ or ‘group’, the service would crash. Now the following fields are mandatory when uploading a dataset:

  • RecordMetaData: name, label, group, origin, created.
  • FieldData: name, label, minOccurs, maxOccurs, type.
  • CVIndex: name, description.
  • CVEntry: name, description.
Bug Fix Using the search bar when not within the dataset list returned internal server error. We have removed search functionality when the user is not within the dataset list. This is due to searching only being specific to finding datasets. Improvements to searching will be made at a later date. XAP-10424
Bug Fix Service crashes when calling the search endpoint API with pageSize=0. When a page size of zero is set and sent as a request to the API, an error message is now returned informing the user to adjust the pageSize value accordingly. XAP-9825
Bug Fix Revoked API Tokens can still be used. Fixed a security issue where API tokens could be used after being revoked. XAP-10434
Improvement Improving CSV download functionality. The structure of the downloaded CSV has been improved, i.e. downloading a dataset definition CSV will now correctly load into spreadsheets. Support for cells containing delimiters, quotes and multiple lines has been added. XAP-9827
Bug Fix Incorrect contact details given to contact the Aridhia Service Desk. Previously in the event of a service disrupting event, a legacy email address of the Aridhia Service Desk was provided. This has been corrected, where users are now directed to the Aridhia Service Desk Contact Form. XAP-9826
Bug Fix Link to API Documentation broken. In some Dataset Library deployments, the link to the API documentation pointed to an incorrect link. This now points to the correct API Documentation. XAP-10047
Enhancement Containerisation of the Dataset Library. In order to facilitate easier and quicker releases and ensure the service utilises the most up-to-date technologies (e.g. NodeJS), we have containerised the service using Kubernetes. XAP-10071