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Workspaces Service Description

Executive Summary

Aridhia Workspaces are cloud-hosted environments within Aridhia’s Digital Research Environment which allow the collaborative analysis of healthcare research data. They can be safely accessed from multiple approved locations, allowing secure, advanced project collaboration across sites.

Workspaces can only be accessed by authorised users who can upload and analyse data, collaborate on data or other project resources, follow project activity and export data for publishing or further research.

A Workspace can be accessed via a web browser and provides access to a large range of analytical and data tools. Workspaces can be provisioned with a virtual machine where the user can also ‘bring their own’ analysis tools or software for data manipulation or analysis. Virtual Machines (VM) can also be provisioned with high-powered compute such as GPU. Workspace activity is audited and traced for maximum security and compliance.

The full feature list and user guide is available at: https://knowledgebase.aridhia.io

Scope of document

This document describes the features and functionality of Aridhia’s Workspaces service version 2.49

Aridhia DRE Overview

Aridhia provides a Digital Research Environment (DRE) to enable the collation, analysis and sharing of healthcare research data in a collaborative manner. This platform allows a research project or organisation to securely upload and store pseudonymised data in a cloud hosted environment which can be accessed by collaborators across the globe. The data can easily be searched and collected for analysis in the Workspace.

The DRE comprises two main components, FAIR Data Services and Workspaces, facilitating the following workflow in Figure 1. This document focuses on the Workspaces. Information about FAIR Data Services can be found in the FAIR Data Services Service Description.

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Updated on June 10, 2022

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