Uploading files as a public user

In some DREs, not all users will have full permission to upload files directly to the workspace, in this case, they can use the Public Inbox. These users will know when they must use this route as they will be shown the following warning when trying to upload a file via the UI:

Items which are uploaded into the Public Inbox must be approved by an “internal” user who has access to the Public Inbox; usually this will be the Workspace Administrator

Uploading to the Public Inbox

Data, files and other artefacts can be uploaded to the Public Inbox using the normal workspace upload processes.

Uploading via the UI

Items can be uploaded via the UI (see https://knowledgebase.aridhia.io/article/uploading-files-via-the-workspace/)
When using this method, users who only have access to the Public Inbox will see the following option at the bottom of the upload screen:

This checkbox must be selected in order for the upload to proceed.

Uploading via the API

In order to access the public Inbox via the Upload API, users should use the option highlighted below:

Updated on October 5, 2021

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