Requesting Access to Data

For Data Access Request (DAR) enabled customers, a dataset can be requested in a number of ways via the user interface (or via the API).

  • From the ‘Access’ dropdown menu and ‘New request’.
  • When within the dataset’s entry by selection the ‘Request’ button.

Note: currently a request can only include one dataset at a time. A single request encompassing multiple datasets will be supported in a future release.

The form includes four stages with information that should be provided:

  • Project: information related to your project such as name, description and end date as well as the purpose of the request and the rationale.
  • Destination: the tables of the dataset you require to access.
  • About: your name for the request as well as information about you the requestor such as name, position, address and telephone number. This information is typically used by the dataset’s owner to contact you and verify you are an accredited individual.
  • Acceptance: acceptance of any dataset-specific terms and conditions and/or confirmation that the information provided is accurate.

Upon completing the form and clicking ‘Submit’, a message signifying the request has been successfully submitted is displayed. A notification is sent to the dataset owner (i.e. the creator of the dataset) who can then login to FAIR and review the request.

The request can be viewed my navigating to ‘My requests’ in the ‘Access dropdown’. See the ‘Viewing a Data Access Request’ for more information.

Updated on March 4, 2021

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