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FAIR Service Description

Executive Summary

Aridhia FAIR Data Services gives researchers and innovators the ability to discover and understand data through dataset search, classification and efficient metadata browsing capabilities described via dataset catalogues, dictionaries and associated attached assets. Researchers can request access to datasets where data owners can review and either approve or deny where approval unlocks an action such as data delivery to an Aridhia Workspace.

FAIR Data Services is designed for research and to help reduce the barriers to entry of discovering and browsing data – tasks that researchers can spend up to 80% of their time performing to facilitate their research. FAIR Data Services also provides a secure and compliant environment that is designed with security and privacy in mind, prevents unauthorised access or use of data and adheres to information governance standards.

Researchers and innovators have the option to integrate with Workspaces to run analysis and curate new data in a secure and audited environment, which can then be re-published to enhance data findability.

Scope of document

This document describes the features and functionality of the Aridhia FAIR Data Services product.

Aridhia DRE Overview

Aridhia provides a Digital Research Environment (DRE) to enable the collation, analysis and sharing of healthcare research data in a collaborative manner. This platform allows a research project or organisation to securely upload and store pseudonymised data in a cloud hosted environment which can be accessed by collaborators across the globe. The data can easily be searched and collected for analysis in the Workspace.

The DRE comprises two main components, FAIR Data Services and Workspaces, facilitating the following workflow in Figure 1. This document focuses on the FAIR Data Services. Information about Workspaces can be found in the Workspaces Service Description.

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Updated on April 27, 2021

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