Exploring and communicating with your team

Workspaces are the core of the platform – analytic environments where data is imported and integrated, allowing users to manage their data assets according to their project needs. Exploring and communicating with your team

Collaboration around this data between multidisciplinary members of a research team is facilitated through embedded team-based communication and team building features including sharing, tagging, blogging, comments and insights, making it easy to discuss, share, and track idea and knowledge sharing.

Customise your workspace

Customisable homepages create community and strengthen project identity for your team. To add project logos, branding and relevant external links, check out how to customise your workspace.

Communicate with your team

You can choose to add comments, notes and insights to research assets or activities displayed in the Summary tab should you wish to highlight something important or of interest, or simply to send a message to other members of your team. Read this article to learn how to add, view or edit notes and insights. Exploring and communicating with your team

Updated on December 1, 2020

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