Creating custom visualisations with R

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If you know how you want to visualise your data and are comfortable using R, Workspaces built-in R console can be used to visualise your data in any numbers of ways, from simple charts to more advanced and interactive mini-apps. There are over 10,000 packages and pieces of example code available online to help you perform your analysis more quickly and easily – our

8 essential cheatsheets for research data analysis blog signposts some of the most useful. The resources most often used by the Aridhia team include CRAN, introductoryr, and RStudio.

Create custom visualisations with R

First, set up your environment. Navigate to the R tab and click to start a new R Session. Next, load the relevant libraries depending on what you want to achieve. Now it's time to prep your data: for example, you may wish to use specific R functions to focus in on certain values from your data. Once complete, you can plot and save your results to make them available to the rest of your team. Simply click on the ‘Save as’ option and name your new visualisation.

Updated on December 1, 2020

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