Creating a Dataset

A dataset can be created in a number of ways via the user interface – see the definition of a FAIR Dataset here.

  1. From the ‘Datasets' dropdown menu via 'New dataset'.
  2. When within the dataset's entry by selecting the ‘+ New’ button.

Only users with the Data Steward role (or via a custom role with appropriate permissions) can create datasets and will be presented with a dialog to enter basic information about the dataset:

  • ID: an optional ID for your dataset. This is useful when referring to it via the API.
  • Name: a mandatory name for the dataset.
  • Visible to: select the visibility of your dataset. For more information about dataset-level visibility, see the ‘Dataset Visibility’ article.
  • Request access using: assign a pre-defined workflow allowing the dataset to become requestable (only available for DAR-enabled customers – see ‘Data Access Requests’ for more information).
  • Description: an optional description for your dataset.

Note: for DAR-enabled customers, a dataset is only requestable when a workflow has been specified at creation and has one or more data dictionaries.

Upon ‘Create’, a message appears signifying the dataset has been created with a link to the new blank dataset.

The dataset can then be edited to add catalogue, dictionary and attachment data – see Editing a Dataset for more information.

Updated on November 6, 2020

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