Adding a new service banner

Currently, new announcements can only be added by the Aridhia Service Desk. In future, we plan to have a service where Tenant Administrators can add announcements directly.

How to add announcements to service banners

New announcements can be added to your workspace hub by sending an e-mail to and including the following information:

Item Status Description Example
Title Mandatory This should be a short description of the announcement Planned downtime
Contents Optional This should be no more than a paragraph and contain the information to be shared with the users There is a planned service outage next week. Workspaces will be unavailable from Monday – Friday
Time or End date Optional The time that this announcement should be shown in the DRE Monday 8th Aug – Friday 12th August 2022
Service Optional. Default "All" Where should the announcement be shown? Workspaces, FAIR or Portal? This will be shown in all available services if not specified "Workspaces and FAIR"
Updated on April 1, 2022

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