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AD Workbench Registration


This document details how to get registered on the AD Workbench. If you would prefer, there is a two-minute video detailing these steps which you can watch.

Short overview

This gives a quick reminder of the steps for those familiar with the process.

  1. Sign up for account
  2. Register on the Workspaces page
  3. Reply to your registration email from Gates Ventures (ensuring to “Reply All”)
  4. Wait for confirmation email


Sign up for account

First, follow the link in your registration email to the registration page and select “Sign up now”.

Fig.1: The AD Workbench login screen

Enter your details. Then click on “Verify email” and an authentication code will be sent to your email address for confirmation. Enter the code, complete the rest of your details, and then submit the form. 

You will then be asked to provide a mobile phone number for two-factor authentication. This is used for added security when logging in.

Register on the Workspaces page

Once you have arrived on the landing page, you need to indicate which Workspaces service you require access to. There are three listed on the page under the “Work with data” section: US West 2, UK South and West Europe.

Select which one (or more) you require access to, and it will take you to a landing page (Fig.2) stating that there are no workspaces to display. This means you are now registered in that region.

Fig.2: The Workspaces landing page

Reply to registration email

Once you have registered in the appropriate region, return to the registration email you received from Gates Ventures. “Reply All” to this email confirming you have registered on the AD Workbench Workspaces.

Important: You must “Reply All” to this email, as this will inform both Gates Ventures and the Workbench’s Customer Support team. Only replying to one of these will result in you not being added to a workspace.

Wait for confirmation

Now that you have registered, the support team needs to add you to a workspace. They will inform you by email when this has been done (Fig.3)

Fig.3: Invitation to workspace email


Now you are ready to begin working. The next time you login you will have access to FAIR Data Services to discover data and you will have an invitation to a workspace for analysing data. These are both accessible from the AD Portal page, and you can find shortcuts to them on the right of the top navigation bar.

Fig.4: The AD Portal landing page